MWS this week

Here is some information about another busy week at Margaret Wooding:

Achievement Exams for grade 6's run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  This is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their learnings.  Students are encouraged to get good rests, eat healthy breakfasts and arrive to school on time and prepared.

Grade 5's head to the leisure center today and also get to swim at Redcliff Pool on Wednesday.

Grade 4A and 4B swim this morning.  Grade 4C and 4D swim on Tuesday afternoon.  All grade 4's head to Police Point Park on Friday.  There is a hot lunch for all students on Friday as well.  Please note that grade 4's that order hot lunches will be handed their lunches prior to boarding the bus Friday morning.

FInally, there is a parent council meeting this Tuesday at 6:30pm.  All parents, including those that will have new students in MWS in the Fall, are invited to attend.

This is the last full week for students this year.  Let's make it a fun one.