This week at MWS

Here are a few reminders for this week at Margaret Wooding School:

This Tuesday, in the morning, the grade 6's write their first achievement test.  Good luck to our students on their LA writing portion of the exam.  Be creative and descriptive.

On Wednesday, grade 6's will spend the afternoon at Parkside School exploring junior high options with the Parkside teachers.  Then, this Thursday, the whole school will travel to IF Cox for a morning French play featuring MWS grade 6's.  Thank you to IF Cox for being part of the audience and for lending us your gym as a performance space, as ours is getting renovated.

Because our gym is not a usable space this week, the monthly awards assembly will not take place during PEACE on Friday.  Instead, we will have PEACE activities this Friday and our assembly will be on Thursday May 17th at 2:00pm.

Finally, MWS is pleased to announce a FREE Taco hot lunch this Friday, May 11th.  No registration is neccessary for this lunch.  As part of mental health's "Let's Taco Bout it" awareness campaign, all students will receive a free taco.  Students should still bring other snacks to accompany if they feel they will need more.